Qcity Podiatry and Healthcare have introduced Australia's first private High Risk Foot Clinic. Following on from the Wounds Australia Award for innovation in the area of Diabetic Foot Wounds, we are setting up a private High Risk Foot Clinic to be incorporated within our normal scope of practice. Our study has proved successful in shifting foot ulcers into remission - that is repairing the surrounding tissue, healing the wound and extending the time between the recurrence of another foot ulcer.

Foot ulcers are a prevalent complication for millions of people with diabetes. Estimates indicate that as many as one-third of people with the disease will develop at least one foot ulcer over the course of their lifetime. These wounds can lead to further complications such as strokes, heart attacks, infections, loss of limbs and premature death.

University of Arizona. "Physicians, patients must focus on remission of diabetic ulcers." ScienceDaily. ScienceDaily, 15 June 2017.

If you have an Allied Health Medicare Referral due to having diabetes or a complex medical condition, you are eligible for a rebate of $55.10 from Medicare. If you have an Eftpos or Debit card, this rebate is put through by us after payment of your consultation. If you don't have an Eftpos or Debit card, you will need to go to a Medicare office to claim your rebate. Medicare usually pays the rebate back into your bank account the same or following day. Medicare will not allow rebates to be credited onto a credit card.

The Allied Health Medicare Referral looks similar to this (click on the link) and if you don't have this form or one like it, we are unable to process your rebate. A letter or note from your GP will not be sufficient for Medicare to issue your rebate. This referral will give you five rebates in a calendar year.


Qcity Podiatry and Healthcare is recognised by all major health funds. We are able to claim private health cover through HICAPS first and then you only need pay the gap fee.


If you have and an appointment at 3:30, 4:00 or 4:30pm, we would appreciate payment prior to your appointment so that the after school pick-up, etc can be accommodated. We thank you for your assistance in this matter.

schedule and fees FOR THE



Aims - Control infection, remove non-viable tissues, off-loading device

Goals - To have the wound in remission in twelve weeks


Initial Wound Assessment and management (up to two hours)                                      $400

This includes dressings, resources, case history, wound assessment and

classification, Neuro-Vascular assessment and wound debridement.

Supply and fitting of Diabetic off-loading boot                                                                $500

Cast of affected foot for unique QCP off-loading device                                                 $120

Fabricated custom off-loading device (unique orthotic)                                                   $500

Essential accessories (Even-Up and Shower Seal)                                                               $75

Weekly management (up to 11 weeks if required - up to one hour each session)         $210

This includes debridement, dressings (on site and take home if required)

and resources

Cast for total contact orthotics (pair) to help prevent recurrence of ulcer/s                    $105

Total contact orthotics (pair)                                                                                                 $550

Report to GP and specialist x 2 (initial and final including photographs)                        $420

TOTAL COST                                                                                                      $4,980


If you have private health, we are able to put that through and you then pay the gap.

If you have a Medicare Referral (see above) from your GP, the current rebate is $54.60. You are able to receive up to five rebates from Medicare during the calendar year.


Consultation of Nurse Practitioner/Credentialled Diabetes Educator (one hour)          $200

Consultation of Dietitian (one hour)                                                                                    $200

Swab of wound to determine specific wound bed flora                                                      $50

X-ray to determine Osteomyelitis                                                                                         TBD

Medical Grade Footwear                                                                                                       TBD

Wound swab, culture and x-ray may not be required but hat will need to be determined at each stage of the wound progress and assessment.

Please note:  The above timeframe and costs are indicative only. The timeframe to heal individual ulcers depends upon many factors which may require more or less  time.

The estimated minimum costs for 12 weeks management consistent with current

International and National Diabetes Management guidelines is $4,250.