Qcity Podiatry and Healthcare offers you a complete range of Podiatric, Nurse Practitioner/Specialist Diabetes Education and Dietitian services. The expertise of our practitioners in their fields is extensive and broad.


We accept Allied Health Medicare Referrals (AHMR) from your GP. The current rebate for those with an AHMR is $54.60. The AHMR is below. If you don't have one of these referrals, you will not receive the Medicare rebate. To obtain an AHMR, you must consult with your GP (only a GP can issue them) to see if you are eligible for one. Not all patients are eligible for an AHMR.

Bunny Upathumpa is a Nurse Practitioner and Specialist Diabetes Educator who has her own Medicare item numbers. Bunny does not require a referral to be seen by her and each time you visit, you are eligible for a Medicare rebate (fees below). Bunny no longer works under the Allied Health Medicare Referrals so you do not need to get one of these referrals to receive a Medicare rebate.



Our practitioners are registered with the Department of Veterans' Affairs (DVA) for podiatry services and footwear prescriptions and require a DVA referral from your GP stating "12 visits or 12 months" on the referral. The DVA issued new referral guidelines in October 2019 and your referral is valid for one year from the date of the referral. You need to get a new DVA referral each year.


Qcity Podiatry and Healthcare offers a complete range of podiatric services as well as wound management, nurse practitioner skills, specialist diabetes education and dietitian services.


* High-risk foot assessment, management and care of the Diabetic foot

* Neurological and Vascular assessment of the lower limb including Doppler flow studies

* Wound care

* Nail surgery for ingrown toenails

* Treatment for corns, calluses and warts

* Comprehensive aged foot care

* Children's foot assessment and conditions

* Orthotic therapy and prescription

* Richie Brace (ankle-foot orthotic)

* Sports podiatry including assessment and management (specialising in bushwalking, cycling and soccer)

* Footwear advice

* Diagnosis and management of lower limb conditions

* General foot care including skin and nail conditions, foot disorders and general foot pain


Nurse Practitioner / Credentialled Diabetes Educator / Wound Specialist


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