The COVID-19 pandemic is causing significant worry across the community and we find ourselves in uncertain times with no definite end in sight. As the advice around the pandemic is rapidly evolving, we are adapting to ensure we can continue providing the best possible service to you while reducing the risk of transmission as the outbreak widens.

Cleanliness and disinfection in our clinic continues to be a priority and whilst maintaining this regime, we will also introduce a few new measures to try and protect everyone who comes through our door. We ask that you please help us in this regard as maintaining the health and welfare of our patients, family members, carers, as well as ourselves, is our number one priority.

For now we will be introducing a few changes to help maintain social distancing as much as we can, and reduce the time you need to spend in the clinic. These measures may need to be updated as the situation evolves.

Therefore we ask that:

If you are unwell or experiencing any signs of fever, sore throat, fatigue or coughing, are in self isolation or live with someone awaiting Covid-19 testing results, please DO NOT come in to the clinic, but call to rebook your appointment at another time.

If you are well, please help us to maintain social distancing by:
* Keeping a distance of 1.5m between yourself, other patients and reception staff.

* As much as possible stand back from the front counter to maintain this distance, and while waiting please make use of the waiting room chairs. If you are a new patient, please take a chair to fill in your New Patient form and not stand at the front counter.


* We generally never have a full waiting room as our appointments run between 20 minutes to an hour so the waiting room does not get that busy. That said, if you arrive a few minutes early, it would be appreciated if you could settle your account before going in to your appointment as quite often there can be two or three people/groups waiting at the end of the half or full hour. You are then able to leave as soon as your appointment is finished and reduce the time you spend in the waiting room.

* If you need to cough or sneeze, please cover your mouth and nose with your elbow and please refrain from wiping your hands on anything.


* We understand that you need to bring family members, a friend or carer with you into the clinic. However, if you can all keep together as much as possible, that would be appreciated. Please do not let your children run around in the waiting room.

* Please don’t be offended if we ask you to step back a little or refuse a handshake. While these measures are unusual for all of us, we feel it is our responsibility to be mindful of reducing the risk of transmission as much as we possibly can.

We sincerely appreciate your understanding of these new measures and we especially want everyone to remain healthy and safe during this time of change and uncertainty.