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Qcity Podiatry and Healthcare has been added to the Australian Directory for High Risk Foot and Podiatry Services open during Covid-19. We are now "on the map", so to speak, on the Diabetes Australia, National Diabetes Services Scheme website.

The link to see us is https://nadc.net.au/footforward/hrfs-clinic-list/.

Unfortunately our letter to John Barilaro outlining the need for a specific patient funded High Risk Foot Clinic in our region for those who need to access ongong podiatry services to assist in healing their foot ulcers, was not answered. We now feel that any form of State government funding for these vulnerable patients is not going to happen and the likelihood is high of those patients being included in the many thousands who undergo amputations each year in Australia. Consequently, we are moving forward with a Private High Risk Foot Clinic for those who can afford it and will be setting this up in the latter part of the year.