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Qcity Podiatry and Healthcare is closed for the Christmas/New Year break.

We will reopen on Monday 6 January 2020.

qCITY PODIATRY and healthcare

Qcity Podiatry and Healthcare opened on 11 January 2017 with Allan, Tracy and Bunny and Karly joined our team in January 2019. Our practitioners take the time during your consultation to assure you of the treatment options and management strategies available to you with the best possible outcome. We are dedicated and committed to your healthcare issues.

Allan and Karly are available Monday to Thursday, Tracy on Mondays and Bunny on Wednesdays. We are closed on Fridays. Appointments can be made without a referral. Qcity Podiatry and Healthcare is a private billing practice and does not bulk bill.

Qcity Podiatry and Healthcare opened with the idea of becoming the preferred provider of Podiatry and Allied Health services in the Queanbeyan region and to establish a High Risk Foot Service (HRFS) offering advanced allied health skills with a highly experienced team to patients with chronic disease issues such as diabetes with funding from the NSW State Government. After three years of exploring different options, it is now obvious to us that it is not possible to become a part-funded HRFS. Contact with John Barilaro, the Queanbeyan District Hospital and our Local Health District has brought zero response.


The local health district of our area does not have a HRFS. In fact, there are only three HRFSs south of Sydney in the whole of southern and south-western NSW. These are in Nowra operating on the 1st Monday of the month, in Wollongong operating on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and in Wagga Wagga operating five days a week from Monday to Friday. These are the only three HRFSs open to NSW residents south of Campbelltown covering the complete southern area of NSW down to Eden and across to Cooma and Albury.


If you are lucky enough to live in Queanbeyan or region, you might be able to see the ACT HRFS at the Canberra Hospital if you are able to obtain an appointment. This service is in high demand and there is no guarantee of an appointment within your timeframe.

During the last three years we have given nearly two hundred and fifty consultations to patients who required high risk foot services at no charge to the patient (not counting those patients who are in our Wounds Australia study). This equates to over $20,000 of consultation time, not taking into consideration the consumables we have either used or given away such as dressings, etc. That said, we have decided that it is time to start our own, private, High Risk Foot Clinic (HRFC) and so this year Qcity Podiatry and Healthcare will start this clinic and offer it to patients in our region who feel that they need to access it and are able to afford it. Sadly, we can no longer offer our services at no charge and at no reimbursement from state health funding. We will be working with Queanbeyan District Hospital to direct patients to their community nursing services to assist with dressings, etc.

We will keep you informed of when this new and essential clinic will be available to our region.

memberships and affiliations

Allan and Karly are members of the Australian Podiatry Association and Wounds Australia. Allan is also a member of the Advanced Practicing Podiatrists High Risk Foot Group.

Qcity Podiatry and Healthcare welcomes all new patients and accepts Allied Health Medicare Referrals (formerly called EPCs) and DVA referrals from GPs.