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Allan is a professional and expert presenter and recently Osteopathy Australia asked him to present a webinar on Allied Health Medicare Referrals which he did on Tuesday, 21st May.


It was a huge success with the 119 attendees rating the webinar as:

72% - Excellent

26.5% - Very good

1.5% - Good

There were no fair or poor responses!


Additionally, the content Allan presented rated the following:

77.1% - Extremely helpful

22.9% - Very helpful

There was nothing less than very helpful!


These are a few of the responses given after Allan's presentation:

* Great, clear examples

* Well-structured and relatable presentation of a stressful topic

* Really knew his information

* Well spoken, easy to understand

* All of it - it's the clearest and most immediately useful webinar I've been part of in forever - awesome!!

So, all in all, a great success. We'll probably lose him to the speaking circuit soon (only kidding!).



Recently our dietitian, Tracy Harb (below left), gained her PhD and our Diabetes educator, Bunny Upathumpa (below right), gained her Masters degree. Congratulations to both on your success of your recent qualifications.